Easy way to get Edit/ Print etc context menu items

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Easy way to get Edit/ Print etc context menu items

Post by RightPaddock »

One of the things that annoys me with Win7 was that it lost the ability to associate different commands with different context menu actions - Edit, Print being the most common. It's possible to add them via editing the registry, but no matter how many layers of bling you wrap it in, editing the registry is a PITA

I stumbled on this today http://izt.name/apps/types/ its an applet that makes it easy to add new content menu actions - warning its a .NET app.

Maybe its possible to do this in xplorer2, but I prefer things that work in bog standard windows and xplorer2

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Re: Easy way to get Edit/ Print etc context menu items

Post by Kilmatead »

Essentially the same thing as DefaultProgramsEditor, which is distinctly not .NET. :D

Hasn't been updated in a few years, but - like many utilities of its era - it was designed to correct the oversights of Win7, and it continues to do so admirably, including x64. One assumes Win8 suffers from the same deficiencies, but then again, one doesn't care about OS's for toys so that one isn't a going concern. :wink:
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