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Post by pj »

nikos wrote: i'd sooner write a full VBS script to do what i want
Does this mean a version of x2 that supports OOP and VBA may be in the future?

Sorry, been getting dizzy lately learning to use VBA for Excel - wonderful programming environment. Using worksheets like dataspaces, and the similarities to APL (IBM's A Programming Language) workspaces is "enticing".

OK, back to the topic, and BTW, you RE gurus are awesome!

PJ in (sunny AND humid) Fla  :)
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Post by BRX »

The latter

searchtext  replacetext

More specifically, the pairs I was using in my last antrenamer procedure looked like this

2006036638407   -20060407
2006040261702   -20060402
2091596060404   -20060404
22442520060320 -20060320
23663670060227 -20060227

and so on.

But having another look at that might have a benefit for me anyway already. It seems that there is at least a pattern that the last 4 numbers always indicate month and day and only the year is split sometimes in parts. So it might be possible to work with an expression that keeps the last four digits and replaces the other numbers before it with the year like "-2006".

So I might not need the pairs anymore. What's the string for this?

(The pair solution would then still be an intellectual challenge ;-))
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Post by narayan »

Yes, that's work cut out for THE Rename. Use tokens.

You have to use different tokens for each pattern. it's easy--try it!
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Post by Pyradur »

Flexible Renamer is my choose too.

The best file-renamer I ever saw.
No installation necessary!
UnZIP it and run it.
It's free. ... /FlexRena/
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Post by narayan »

IMHO the best renamer is ReNamer

Comprehensive help is here:
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