Make xplorer2 PRO the default file manager in XP

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nikos wrote:things have changed so just reinstall xplorer2. You don't need to uninstall it first
Thank you  :D
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in firefox when i download something and i press open containing folder or also when i add some file in a website and i click browse it still open it with windows xp explorer
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sadly not all programs honor the shell folder association, some call on windows explorer directly
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Re: Make xplorer2 PRO the default file manager in XP

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Make your windows explorer default explorer in windows
Revert back to windows explorer

i made a stupid mistake when i entered all these kind of registries to make lite my default and messed up with certain windows functionalities from control panel, personalization and such

to go back you have to make a new reg and register it

here is what you have to write in the new .reg file (from below the underscores)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





note that you have your first line to be : Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
without any spaces new lines and such before that, the reg file will go error and show that it is not binary you cannot import and such
that is very important.

the things will go back to normal and you won't have any other errors
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