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by jsampson45
2022 Apr 12, 16:28
Forum: DeskRule and i-DeClone
Topic: Files in zip archives not found
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Files in zip archives not found

I am new to DeskRule. I am adding external media to my catalog i.e. CDRW disks. I have "enter virtual folders" set which I thought would record filenames in zip archives on the disks. However, files in these archives are not found when doing an "offline search". I would welcome a...
by jsampson45
2021 Jan 18, 17:25
Forum: xplorer² Professional
Topic: commenting files
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commenting files

Is it possible using xplorer2 to add comments to files where the filename is obscure? I found a video that seemed to be about this but it is out of date (2010). I am using version x64 on Windows 10.