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by wasker
2005 Oct 21, 17:37
Forum: xplorer² Professional
Topic: split or merge mp3 files based on playing time ?
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i think you underestimate the capabilities of your program ! if i merge 2 mp3 files ,not a split second is lost where the 2 files are merged, even the tag is still there ! cheers,Lin I think this could depend on player you use. No one can guarantee it will work with all others. Besides, there's var...
by wasker
2005 Oct 21, 16:40
Forum: xplorer² Professional
Topic: Ctrl-Enter in addressbar
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Ctrl-Enter in addressbar

Please confirm or deny the reproduction of the problem. Initial position: cursor on the file "Filename" on any file panel. Keys pressed: [Shift-Tab]$lame[Space][Ctrl-Enter] Result: Filename[CURSOR]$lame[SPACE] Expected: $lame[SPACE]Filename[CURSOR] I also uploaded a Flash movie: http://www.bytegems....