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Simple click acts as CTRL+click

Posted: 2014 Dec 27, 09:29
by kdaube
Since A while (last update to [Unicode] x64 2014-04-23 ?) I have this problem:
  • In a file list I click on an item => it is selected and has focus
  • I disregard this selection and click on another item
  • This gets selected in addition to the first one and now has focus.
  • Double clicking on this second item opens both the second and the first item.
  • To unselect the first item i need to click it again.
  • I have tested in other programs, even Windows Explorer: a click selects only the current item
  • CTRL-click and SHIFT-click still act as intended
At first I thought this to be a quirk of my Intuous tablet (which in other cased does not exactly behave as a mouse, e.g. in Acrobat). But also after switching to a real mouse I have the same problem in X2. I have not found an option (even in advanced) to get the intended bhaviour.
What can I do to get the correct (ntened) behaviour of the single click back?

Re: Simple click acts as CTRL+click

Posted: 2014 Dec 27, 10:29
by FrizzleFry
seems like you have sticky mode on... Alt-S toggles it... also Mark menu (fourth from top)

Re: Simple click acts as CTRL+click

Posted: 2014 Dec 29, 09:29
by kdaube
Well, after re-applying D:\System_ddd\saves\Xplorer2\x2settings.reg (where I from time to time save the settings) everything ist OK again!
It really seems that ALT+S was the culprit, because i have an AHK script running which closes Windows 'gracefully' (logging some data). This is invocked by ALT+CTRL+S and then ALT+S selects the action Shut Down. Most likely using these short cuts careless may have caused to be executed during Xplorer...
Thank You frizzleFry for this hint!