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anorak statistics

Post by nikos » 2015 Jan 08, 13:45

as a diversion from adapting WDX plugins and looking at snow falling by the bucket, I just noticed that xplorer2 source code exceeded 7MB. Quite some milestone! For anorak's sake, here are the detailed source code stats of all live projects (without counting 3rd party libraries)

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* xplorer2: 7,084,877 bytes
* deskrule: 2,490,291 bytes
* editor2:  973,844 bytes
* crack tracker: 1,788,628 bytes
* 2xExplorer: (not so live) 1,350,994

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Re: anorak statistics

Post by Kilmatead » 2015 Jan 08, 20:13

The proof of the pudding is all in build-time... if your laptop doesn't begin to smoke and melt after 20 minutes of chewing on raw Firefox or Gimp source-code, then you've not written nearly enough lines of inscrutable nonsense yet.

Many years ago I had a Playstation 1 video-game that had an "achievement" that was awarded after 1,000,000 button presses by the player - my poor thumbs hurt just thinking about it. So if x2 is 7-million keystrokes (at a bare minimum) then it's probably a good thing you gave up on your dream career of being a jazz guitarist years ago - your metacarpal joints are well shot by now from keyboard bashing.


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