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Post by kolom » 2002 Mar 06, 03:27


I asked you to develop a customizable toolbar, and you said that it is very hard to do, but not as you think. I know that the MFC library does'n support it, but there are extension classes freely avaliable at that solves the problem. For example you can try CToolbarEx at or if you want you can use BCGControlBar that is shareware but it is very powerful, you can check it at

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Post by nikos » 2002 Mar 06, 11:15

thanks for the links, I am aware of available options

still, when you download these "customizable" classes, you realize that most are either half-baked or over-engineered (at the opposite end). I don't want a class for toolbars that is greater in size than the whole 2xExplorer, surely! ;)

Another problem i have: these resources mostly (almost completely) contain MFC-compatible classes. I'm trying to switch to the lightweight WTL class library, the one Editor² is made of. WTL doesn't even support docking toolbars, never mind customizable ones

The available extension WTL classes are in an ever greater disarray than MFC ones. Some offer docking but are not persistable, some are compatible with toolbars but not dockable, some are resizable but do not offer coolmenu functionality ... you name it, total confusion.

That is a very important issue, for which i have no solution. Switch to WTL? Remain with lardy MFC? What if it is discontinued? Too many things on my mind

That's why at present I'm concentrating at (re)writing the core folder browsing engine in 2x, which is 100% independent of the GUI that will be used to present it to the user. Once I have this important piece ready i can start worrying about UI. Or perhaps after I write the engine we'll make the rest of the program open source so that other developers can assist with the GUI

now there's a thought! :o

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