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Layout Manager

Post by MrKlean » 2003 Oct 23, 21:31

:shock: It must be me , I can't seem to find layout manager anywhere. It's supposed to be a submenu of view..but ..alas... not ; ( Any help would be appreciated. All I wanna do is move the drive bar between the panes ; )
Thanks !

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Post by kev » 2003 Oct 23, 23:25

u sure ur on about 2xexplorer and not the new xplorer2 alpha?

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Post by fgagnon » 2003 Oct 24, 01:40

Assuming you want to define a 2xExplorer 'layout' so you can invoke it whenever you want ...
First arrange (drag) the panes & toolbars to the way you want them.
Then press [ctrl+shift+7], which saves the layout which can be retrieved with [ctrl+7] ... you also get to name the layout ir accept the default e.g. "Layout 1"
You can save up to three 'layouts' for retrieval
(look at the menu under View|Layouts for the legal key combos, which will be grayed out until you use them)

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