One -little- problem, and new Features

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One -little- problem, and new Features

Post by kike_ast » 2003 Oct 27, 13:22

Dear Nikos ,
I am an enthusiastic admirer of 2xExplorer program, it is really terrific and useful for my daily files and directories handling, and I hope you will support the application for many time.

I have just one problem, and many proposals to improve the usability of the application:
- The problem is that the panes are not refreshed automatically. I have to reset them manually with Ctrl-R. In Windows Explorer, the list of files are refreshed automatically.

Some proposals are next:
- Posibility of saving a session with the the same configuration. That is, save into a file the open directories in each pane, the position and size of the panes, if the tree is on or off, etc... In that way, we could open a saved file with exactly the same configuration and directories for some specific tasks, and another saved file with other open directories and other configuration.

- Create new icons with bookmarks. In a similar way as are now the disks on the left side, also possibility of having bookmarks.

- Include an icon of go parent folder (Parent-Bksp) for each folder. Now, sometimes the icon is pressed in the wrong directory, the active one, when in fact we want to go back in the other directory in the inactive pane, by mistake. If each pane has is own icon, it will be very clear that you are moving only in that pane.

Well, I dont want to overwhelming you, so thats enough for now. I will be very excited in helping you or proving more suggestions, in order to improve the program.

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Post by Woam » 2003 Oct 27, 14:05

kike_ast wrote:The problem is that the panes are not refreshed automatically
View/Options.../check "Auto-Resort after moving/copying..." ??
kike_ast wrote:save the open directories in each pane, the position and size of the panes, if the tree is on or off, etc
View/Options.../check "Save program state on exit"

it's right or I didn't understood ?

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Post by nikos » 2003 Oct 27, 15:13


first of all you should know that 2x is a dead duck, i have stopped developing it

the autorefresh problem (see FAQ #2) was one of the reasons I started from scratch building xplorer2

for your other issues, there are solutions already in 2x. Use the /S command line option to save multiple parallel configurations, or/and use the View | Layout stores

to go up just d-click on a pane titlebar; see keyboard.txt for more info

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