Remapping keyboard shortcuts

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Remapping keyboard shortcuts

Post by scorpi0 » 2003 Oct 28, 16:37

Hi all.
First of, great product. A little sluggish to start (starts as fast as explorer on my machine) but once it does, it's a whole lot faster. Mem usage is constant too....overall, love it.
Here's a thing: I use keyboard for most of my navigation. While I can get used to some shortcuts not being what they are supposed to be, it would be nice to have a way to redefine hotkeys (for consistency sake, I'm a developer so I may switch from one computer to another on any given day)
Is there functionality like this already embedded in 2x or x2?

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Post by nikos » 2003 Oct 28, 16:45

only via resource hacker or similar resource editor
keyboard customisation is a (remote) possibility for x2

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