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Post by iLiAS » 2002 Mar 01, 07:03

Ok, now that I have your attention :)

Niko, the program is awesome. I've been using it for about 10 minutes and it seems to be the only program that has the potential to make me dump the Windows Explorer completely. Yes, I've tried many of the others that claim so, but there was always some things that didn't work out. So congrats for a fantastic job (sygxarhthria!)

I'd like to make one request, if I may. I use file descriptions a lot, which are stored in a file called descript.ion. This was introduced by 4DOS, the fantastic DOS shell. Now, to view and edit these descriptions, I use a graphics browser/editor, ACDSee. Would it be possible to add this feature to 2xExplorer? It shouldn't be that difficult to implement, descript.ion is just a text file (usually hidden). So, ideally the description for each file could be shown in a column in 2xExplorer and be edited via a right-click perhaps.

I've seen people asking for this feature in a file explorer for some time now (you can search in Google news, if you'd like. You will find some posts asking for it). I would really appreciate if you consider making this part of 2xExplorer.

I have some other suggestions and ideas as well, but it's getting late, kai ta matakia kleinoyne (and the eyes are closing, for the non-Greek speaking folks) :)

Thanx for your time!



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Post by nikos » 2002 Mar 01, 11:08

(so you are Greek then, are you not? ;) )

I've heard about these 4DOS-type comments in the past, although I haven't seen them with my eyes. Can you see these in the standard explorer?

Well, I was planning to introduce the standard windows (post-2000) comments that are supported for NTFS drives --- you don't need separate files or anything like that.

Still, your request gave me an idea to keep the program architecture open for "custom" non-shell columns like that. If the plumbing is there, you never know!

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