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Post by Leyden68 » 2002 Feb 25, 18:09


Was I dreaming or is there a way to compare two files within 2X?

Such as highlighting 'myfile1.txt' in pane 'one' and 'myfile2.asc' in pane 'two' (a different drive/folder) and seeing what is different/same in the 2 files?

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Post by nikos » 2002 Feb 25, 19:53


2x's synchronization logic requires same named files.
So either rename one of the two :) or use something external like <b>winDiff</b>

if you go for plan B, keep in mind the nice tricks 2x's address bar will allow for compiling commands to execute, especially so the <b>[Ctrl+Enter]</b> shortcut that will paste the focused filename in the address bar. For this and other nice little features checkout <b>keyboard.txt</b>

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