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Posted: 2002 Mar 06, 01:58
by Crash
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--When I select "Folder data..." on a folder that contains several very large files it returns incorrect size information.

--Also, the status bar at the bottom of 2xExplorer that displays the total size of multiple selected files is reporting incorrectly.

This can be reproduced by placing a 2gig file and 3gig file in a single directory and running "Folder data...". The bottom status bar size information will also be incorrect if you simply highlight (select) both files.

Please advise (even if the problem is something foolish I'm doing on my side, hehe).

Thank you,

Posted: 2002 Mar 06, 11:34
by nikos
this is a known feature, checkout my other response in a similar question <b><a href=" ... ere</a></b>