2X Sort By frequently not saved

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2X Sort By frequently not saved

Post by mike4477 » 2007 Apr 22, 23:42

I asked this about 2 years ago, Nikos said he never saw it.

I see it several times a day, before in W98, now in W2K.

I  realize the Sort By function can only accept 2 choices, not 3.

Usually I sort the file/folder list by Name and Ascending, sometimes by Type and Ascending.

I run 2X when windows starts, it may be minimized during the day when something else is in focus, but it is never off during the day.

I have observed in 2 different OS's over about 4 years, 2X keeps loosing the Sort By setting frequently.

Is there a fix?

I really doubt I am the only one who sees this- maybe the only one who posts about it.


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Post by nikos » 2007 Apr 23, 06:33

mike, as you know i stopped working with 2x some time ago
the only realistic chance this has to get fixed is if you supply a sequence of steps that reproduce this behaviour quickly so i can double check

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2X memory

Post by zippit » 2007 Jun 08, 13:19

1 of the reasons i have used 2X for years is because
"It remembers how you left your Window settings",
even what folders you had open and the same view mode.
Always Works for me. :D
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