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Find folders containing file type

Posted: 2010 Jan 26, 03:22
by Ruden
So ive sort of managed to do what i want to do by following along with this and modifying it a little bit, but im thinking there has to be an easier way

oops wont let me post a url/link being a newb on the forum.. what i followed was the thread titled "find folders without mp3 file" or ID # T=6410 (Mr.Pleasants post the 4th one down)

In short what im trying to do is: 'find folders containing file type X and move those folders and contents (which includes file type X and other file types) to a new drive'

And i guess in long:
In XP and such before windows search 4.0 came along i could just do a search for *.txt and it would give me a nice simple list i could than sort by file type in the search window and pick out each of the folders at the top that are in the root level and move them to another folder separating the folders that contain that file type (plus other file types that are associated with them in those same folders).

Since vista & win 7 and search 4.0 or whatever they call that useless thing has come along this capability is now impossible to do within windows.

Using Mr. Pleasants method i was able to copy out the folders containing *.txt but it only copied the folders + the *.txt files not all the files in those folders so i than ran the compare option and was able to get the folders with out *.txt selected so i copied those out leaving me finally with the folders i wanted to move else wheres..

But this seems like a lot of work for what used to be such a simple task in windows 2k and early winxp.

so any suggestions on how to make this an easier task yet again?


Posted: 2010 Jan 26, 03:23
by Ruden

this message thread is the one i followed his post in to sort of get what i wanted to do.

Posted: 2010 Jan 26, 07:39
by nikos
so how did you search for file types in XP and got folders as a result? which program were you using?