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editor2 and copying links

Posted: 2013 Mar 20, 21:34
by profess
i have a document, unsaved for temporary usage:

line 1
line 2
line 3

just links to some music tracks online.

right-clicking and choosing copy, on each link, would copy the whole line.  sometimes copying doesn't work at all...

editor2 Unicode x64 (latest?)



Posted: 2013 Mar 21, 06:33
by nikos
that's what it's supposed to do. There is no special menu for copying links, it applies to the selected text or the whole line

Posted: 2013 Mar 21, 09:05
by profess
& sometimes. It doesn't copy the chosen link?

Posted: 2013 Mar 21, 09:08
by nikos
? if you manage to find a reproducible error please let me know.

Posted: 2013 Mar 22, 11:16
by profess
for me, it's reproducible. if i copy those 3 lines from above and paste them into a new editor2 document, that works.

right-click and choose copy on any line, and choose paste.

the 3 lines of text copied from the web browser are pasted again.

windows xp SP3, editor2 Unicode


Posted: 2013 Mar 22, 13:16
by nikos
it works ok for me... are you sure the 3 lines you copied aren't still selected?

Posted: 2013 Mar 22, 13:44
by profess
No no, like I said we're in editor2 now. The lines as copied before from the web browser were pasted again into editor2 document, even though I right-clicked and chose copy again in editor2.

Thanks for checking this out,


Posted: 2013 Mar 22, 15:26
by fgagnon
be careful about where your "focus" is.
It's often not the same as the location of the mouse pointer.

Posted: 2013 Mar 22, 20:16
by profess
Alright I'll have a play & see, but I think my selections are on point :)

Posted: 2013 Mar 23, 04:16
by profess
in order to copy, you have to click somewhere on the line of text, then right-click copy will copy the whole line of text.

if you just right-click on a link and choose copy, it does nothing (doesn't copy), and choosing paste will paste the previous contents of the clipboard, if any.

bug? but maybe as you intended :D



Posted: 2013 Mar 23, 12:09
by Kilmatead
Call me conservative, but don't people highlight the text they want anymore before copying it?  I thought that was requisite.  Or is that an outdated paradigm in your new touchy-feely world?

(Yes, I realise ed2 employs this weird system of which you speak - and it works for me as well with your pirated links to dodgy musical tastes - but it's a kooky thing to rely upon.  I like highlighting, and highlighting likes me - it's the only system I trust. :shrug:)

Posted: 2013 Mar 23, 15:04
by profess

Trust you to go that step further with the links :) only you...

I understand it's a text editor but imagine this situation in a web browser where you wished to copy a link and had to click in the line of the link before copying it. I guess the behaviour I'm used to/looking for is that of a web browser, there you can right-click on any link, anywhere in the document, and choose copy. There is something slightly dodgy with this copy procedure though in editor2 though.

Thanks for checking it out.


Posted: 2013 Mar 24, 15:50
by pj
I've also found this behavior to be unsatisfactory for the same reasons Profess mentions:
  • Clicking in text produces no action (e.g. opening the link in a browser window) other than setting focus at that point in the text.
  • Clicking a link opens the link - and potentially causes problems
Right-clicking in a link IMHO should put the entire link in focus, allowing selection of "Copy" from the context menu to copy the link to the clipboard.

The change seems simple enough. Where's the beef?
PJ in (rainy but warm :) ) FL

Posted: 2013 Mar 25, 08:44
by nikos
editor2 is basically the windows richedit control. THere is not much I can do to change the basic behaviour

Posted: 2013 Mar 25, 23:35
by profess
well? *hands beer*