Any way to change colors in the 16 color palette?

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Any way to change colors in the 16 color palette?

Post by rumsfeld » 2010 Oct 08, 10:08

When I go to Editor2 options and select background colors from the 16 color palette, none of the choices are quite right for me.

They all seem to be too bright or saturated.

Is there any way to specify exactly what color I want?

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Post by fgagnon » 2010 Oct 08, 13:31

That palette pick list is a predefined entity, but you can change the colors E2 uses via a registry tweak, leaving the options pallette colors set to AUTO.
Assuming you are familiar with registry editing, use regedit to set the values you want for the following four keys under  
  • rgbBackColor
The format is x00GGBBRR where each of GG, BB and RR specify an 8-bit byte (in hex) of 256 intensities for Green Blue and Red, respectively.  :)

PS - FWIW, I use the following:
  • rgbBackColor = 00daf9f9  (a light, creamy yellow)
    rgbBackColorROM = 00dedee0  (a slightly pink, light gray)
    rgbTextColor  = 00882020  (a dark blue)
    rgbTextColorROM  = 00281060  (a dark burgundy)

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