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tree state / sync

Post by DavidInvenio » 2013 Jul 27, 22:04

Some weeks back I downloaded the trial - and I got this behavior working that I am looking for - I need the treeview (the left pane showing the folders etc) to stay in sync with the right side pane showing the files.

There were 3 options I had to set - one in normal options - saying to keep the tree in auto-sync - and 2 options in "advanced" (the registry editor) that said to automatically collapse & expand the treevnew nodes.

It seemed to work ok - not perfect - meaning the scrolling of the tree was off - but still - for the most part - the tree stayed in state it was in for each of my tabs on the right side.

Now for some stupid reason (confusion) I uninstalled it while cleaning up my pc. And now as much as I try - I cannot get that behavior working again.
I've installed the fresh trial from the web-site - ran it as administrator - set the options - and yet it still doesn't work right.
I even tried another pc! I know I'm not imaging things - this feature WORKED for me for weeks!!!

Can someone give me some guidance about this feature and what might be wrong?
I'd like to buy/register the app - but it absolutely MUST keep the tree in a perfect state in sync with the file view.

Please help!

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Re: tree state / sync

Post by nikos » 2013 Jul 28, 05:44

the main option you have to tick is "Keep tree syncrhonized with active folder" (TOOLS > OPTIONS menu, Advanced page). Some other finer options are available from TOOLS > ADVANCED OPTIONS menu, Layout settings page, Mainframe section (there is a Folder tree area there)

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