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Copy, then Rename, 'automatically' *Queue system request*

Posted: 2013 Sep 14, 08:09
by profess
Hi all,

After copying or moving a file/folder (folder usually), I rename it after it's reached the destination. This is then a manual process after x2 has finished with the process.

I would like to set a name for the file/folder before I start copying or moving.

This is separate from the automatic rename if a file exists (haven't checked out 2.4 as yet).

This c/would be an extension of the Queue system. Could be a Robust move or copy also. It could have it's own dialog maybe.

I'm sure many other scenarios could be drawn from this idea (ie set attributes after move/copy etc). Pre-existing dialogues could be used to set the attributes.

I do this rarely though. It's fine occasionally but would be nice to be incorporated.

Thoughts? Existing behaviour? Other freebie app?



Re: Copy, then Rename, 'automatically' *Queue system reques

Posted: 2013 Sep 14, 09:14
by nikos
i'm sure kimlatead will write a kludge for this one day :P

Re: Copy, then Rename, 'automatically' *Queue system reques

Posted: 2013 Sep 14, 10:27
by Kilmatead
nikos wrote:i'm sure kimlatead will write a kludge for this one day
Oh, hello, did we get a Bat-signal Torchlight and someone neglected to inform me about it? :wink:

Leaning on "the community" to do your job for you is great when you have a broken leg or a broken heart or your dog ran away (or you're being haunted by a disgruntled dead grandmother who thinks she should have 4 ghostly grandchildren instead of just 2), but you'll note that there are some limits here.

If it was left up to me, I would completely rewrite the queue system (or, to put it better, actually create one in the first place because x2 doesn't actually have a true one - a real queue is not just a collection of static jobs piled on top of each other waiting to be processed), to include a real GUI of its own which would allow users to do whatever they wanted within a scope they define (not that you define).

The problem, obviously, is that as x2 lacks a real API, we have no way to practically interface with x2, no way to call/reject/manage robust actions or handle errors - so I am loath to touch this sort of thing - "kludges" will only get you so far before they begin to stretch the tolerance of the users.

(And, on a similar note, you wouldn't believe the number of x2 binaries I've wrecked in the last week simply trying different ways to redirect the VK_F accelerator table entry by editing it manually. You really wouldn't think it'd be that much trouble, would you? But I seem to fail every time.)

Profess' suggestion/request is (to be fair) a little niche on the surface - taken too seriously (as I am wont) it would verge into becoming its own mass-renamer, replete with flexible rules and inline-variables and (for all I know) chocolate cupcakes and tea "while you're waiting". :wink: None of this is impossible to create (well, they might have to settle for brownies instead of cupcakes) but done properly it would become its own module, rather than a simple extension. Indeed, it would become a true job queue management system, the kind of thing Nikos would be loath to touch.

So, that's an equilateral impasse with poor Profess left sitting in the middle twiddling his dongle trying to figure out what happened to his innocent request. :D

And hell, I can't even redirect <Ctrl+F> for the deserving kludges that already exist, so how am I supposed to write an expansion-pack for a non-existent API?

Riddle me that, oh Chief-Commissioner Gordon.

Re: Copy, then Rename, 'automatically' *Queue system reques

Posted: 2013 Sep 14, 21:54
by profess
There's a new app for someone. Nikos - you were looking for something to create :)