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selecting 'bunches' of files

Posted: 2014 Jun 05, 01:10
by profess
Hi everyone,

There are those times where you have to manually go through a list of files, select a few (loads), and manually send them to different places. At present I’m doing this in a big folder with images - specifically a camera DCIM folder from my mobile phone. These are pictures from a holiday, pictures of individuals, and miscellaneous pictures. I’m currently browsing through the folder in thumbnail view.

Rather than go through this list 2-3 times, first pass selecting holiday pics and moving them to a folder, second pass to select pictures of individuals then move them to another folder etc, I would like to go through just the once, and select more than one group of files, in one go, and have for example:

Selection group 1 (bunch 1) *(with a hotkey for quick selection, and maybe a scrap)
Selection group 2
Selection group 3

* I don't want this to confuse my query, but if there is a way to send files (once selected) specifically to scrap 1, or scrap 3, then I’d be interested in this too. At the moment you'd have to manually drag files over to the scrap in question. Or perhaps a move to scrap option in the move dialog, which just sends the files to a scrap window (doesn't move, delete or destroy anything)...

So all 3 categories of files could be selected all at once (confusing perhaps?, distinguishable selection method), but then you'd be able to move/copy selection group 1 to the destination folder, selection group 2 to other folder etc. Maybe this could be a batch / execute command at the end, with preset destination folders for selection group 1, 2 and 3.

Probably I’m missing something. Or there's some funky app or pre-existing way in x2 that can do something this.

Maybe using store selections, tabs and a scraps, miniscraps or something. Maybe this could get the job done somehow, with a little follicle wrenching in the process :)


And this lead thinking on to...

We have a Move dialog, a Copy dialog - well what about a Scrap pane dialog, used and reserved for other 'major' file management operations. Scrap 1 preset to to a destination (upon execute). This is just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure, and others could add to possibilities and expand from here.

Job queues - we have these already - so these could be used in conjunction with some of the above.


Regards to all,


zzz PS nodding off at the computer is not a good sign

Re: selecting 'bunches' of files

Posted: 2014 Jun 05, 09:19
by profess
Experimenting with dropit seems to have some merits, though this doesn't resolve the request within x2.

With dropit I have a couple destination folders arranged, select files in x2, drag to dropit box, and choose destination (using the button). Refresh scrap, select new group of files, repeat.

Hmm, not ideal. It's working, but need something a bit smoover.


Re: selecting 'bunches' of files

Posted: 2014 Jun 05, 10:15
by Kilmatead
Not that different from DropIt, but when bookmarks are toolbar-buttons within x2 they are also drop-targets, dragging with the right-button will option to copy/move/strip-naked-and-run-through-the-forest-shouting-"Kim! Come Back Kim!", etc.

Not sure about your other idea of multiple independent groups of concurrent selections (even the description sounds wonky)... but if there's no scrap open using <Ctrl+S> will create one and send the current selections into it. Subsequent <Ctrl+S> usage will send the selections to whatever the last-used scrap container was, so if you don't open a new one, the existing one is used ("added-to"). :shrug: