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Re: wot are you like

Post by drac » 2014 Dec 26, 22:07

Cute family!!

This really seems to have taken on a life of its own after a (I thought) simple suggestion from Nikos.

There is a sense of community in knowing another person by more than just their words. Like it or not what we look like is part of who we are. And therein lies the issue. There has been an argument between reading a book (or listening to a radio play - yes, I'm old) and seeing a movie or TV version of the same. In one case we (have to) use our imagination to conjure the characters in our minds. When actors are supplied we, of course, use those images for the characters.

Part of me wants a picture of Kilmatead and others to "see" what they are like. But part of me likes the mental images I have formed and do not want to find out these "heroes" are not, in real life, as I have imagined. Seeing a person just opens a door to judgment: he is not as nice looking as I imagined, he looks older/younger/stranger than I had pictured him.

Sure, part of me wants to know what the person behind the prose looks like, but I am not sure I am willing to give up the person I have seen with my mind's eye.

BTW, I picture Kilmatead as looking similar to Brendan Behan. Though somewhat more rugged (like a combination of Brendan and a middle aged Sean Connery).

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Re: wot are you like

Post by IneedHelp » 2014 Dec 26, 22:57

Do half-faces and cats count?

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Re: wot are you like

Post by CrossX » 2015 Jan 04, 12:08

Kilmatead wrote:
dunno wrote:what exactly is it that one can discern from a picture about, logic, reason, morals, virtues ?
Did one of the Kilmatead lineage fall into the Twitter trap? :shock:
Is it you or one of your cousins?
2 followers... :baaa:

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Re: wot are you like

Post by Kilmatead » 2015 Jan 04, 12:37

CrossX wrote:Did one of the Kilmatead lineage fall into the Twitter trap? :shock:
Is it you or one of your cousins?
That's actually my old boss from 10 years ago - he runs a small horticultural nursery on the grounds of Kilmatead demesnes proper. Technically speaking, as a tenant he's not allowed to subsume the name publicly like that, but the same could be said for me as well - except I don't use it as anything other than a forum moniker - not even in an email address. :wink:

Considering that he has a wife, 3 kids and a small gaggle of grandchildren (who must be old enough by now to be plugged in), only having 2 followers isn't much to speak of! :oops: I must remind him of that this week.

Gary M. Mugford
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Re: wot are you like

Post by Gary M. Mugford » 2015 Feb 08, 22:49


There are blessedly few pictures of me outstanding (not withstanding any wanted posters I'm unaware of at the moment). Here's the cover pic of my (maybe) upcoming eBook, https://www.flickr.com/photos/123333225 ... 476271822/. That cataract surgery had a good ending, one where I actually go without glasses for the first time in a half-century. I still use glasses for reading or for watching movies and/or TV. But most of the time, sitting in front of my computer, I go sans glasses. I've worn little circles of glass in front of my eyes since I was five. Even now, 16 months after the fact, it's exceedingly strange NOT to have something hanging off my nose.

There are no others to crowd their way into my self-portrait. Laura passed away 28 years ago (the anniversary was three weeks ago). No kids. I live alone by choice (debate all you want whether it's mine or society's). My only constant companion is xplorer2, Pale Moon and Gmail. Judge (me) accordingly.

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