Asistance with file sorting please.

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Re: Asistance with file sorting please.

Post by Kilmatead » 2016 Dec 15, 11:46

Then I'm stumped... Locale Search wouldn't affect this at all. Only columns from Plugins are populated "as visible" (literally, they are calculated as you scroll through a folder, each appearing at the bottom), so that's the only thing I can think of.

Does the old (annoying) 512 version sort everything properly (especially if you have NOT previously scrolled the entire length of the folder contents first)?

I did add the column-selection thing to SortByRegEx, which theoretically could interfere, but it works perfectly for me. If the older one works better for you, then I can just modify the window activation fix for that one and run away to become a tonsured old monk in the woods, never to know love again, preying upon unwary passers-by for food and grub, sucking their souls dry of any warmth they ever knew in their short horrid lives. Let me know.

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Re: Asistance with file sorting please.

Post by dunno » 2016 Dec 15, 12:09

the old version worked fine, the double version window flash is something I can live with no problems.

edit; I tried something (latest version), after a bottle of something...
I first manually scrolled down to the end of the column, highlighted the last item and then initiated date sort and it now works fine. amazing stuff :beer:

infact I'm so chuffed I'm going to open another bottle of something.

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