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beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 22, 06:41
by nikos

can somebody with access to a real network do this experiment? Put some network files or folders in the miniscrap pane, preferably from multiple locations, and see how they are preserved when you restart xplorer2. Then disconnect the network to simulate a "fault" and restart xplorer2. Does it get stuck for long? And if it gets stuck, can you press ESC key to break out of it?

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 22, 09:47
by Tuxman
Preserving without disconnecting the network works great.
I'm sure my boss wouldn't like it if I left the network entirely, though.

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 22, 14:12
by nikos
you don't need to take a 2 month leave of absence, just a minute or two! :)

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 22, 14:18
by Tuxman
Would cause other problems here. :shrug:

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 22, 17:11
by pj
Would love to test this, but the wise powers that be gave me a Core I7 laptop and a 32-bit OS. :cry:

Maybe when I get home tonight I'll try the test on the Win7/64 laptop.

PJ in (sunny) FL

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 25, 07:26
by hajubu
Hallo Nikos,

just tested your beta 320.11
for preserving the content in Mini-Scrap after deactivating all net-connections and restarting x2u64-b320-11
Preparation : Exit (all) x2 before Action - registry entries not cleared !

a) copied a "newfile.txt" to my Nas-Folder -local address
b) put it via drag-and-drop to mini-scrap
c) deactivated (all) Lan-Adapter Interfaces / in a second Trial also unplugged the lan cable
d) stopped the x2u64-b320-11 via Taskmanager
e) restarted x2u64-b320-11

cASE(1) f0)-f1) :: f0) Lan still deactivated / disconnected f1) "newfile.txt" in Mini-Scrap is "Not-Preserved"

CASE(2) g0)-g1):: g0) Lan reactived / connected again g1) "newfile.txt" in Mini-Scrap is "Preserved"

My Conclusion : as long as NO net is available NO Net-Content can be "Preserved"
Your attempt seems to work.
Did the test and result meet your request / intention ?

By the way you are doing a great Job over all the time I had the pleasure to watch your efforts !

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 25, 09:46
by nikos
it is not possible to preserve a network item that is disconnected (see here for a trick), but the point is not to block xplorer2 (for long) while trying to reinstate an unavailable network item

Re: beta 320.11

Posted: 2016 Aug 25, 10:01
by hajubu
Hallo Nikos,
Sorry , in my last post I did forget to mention -
:: There was noBlocking at all in both Test-cases.