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beta 340.11

Posted: 2017 Sep 19, 09:42
by nikos
this is most probably the last beta before going public, so if you want to check the new color tagging feature and send your feedback, now is the time to chime in and affect the new features :) (64 bit ultimate only)

also if you are on a super high dpi screens e.g. resolutions 4000 pixels and such, I would appreciate if you simulated a virgin installation of xplorer2 beta and see if it looks right straight out of the box. To do this, first use ACTIONS >EXPORT SETTINGS menu command to keep a copy of your settings, then FULLY uninstall xplorer2 (opt to lose the settings), then install the beta as it was first time installed. Later you can restore your saved settings. Thanks!

Re: beta 340.11

Posted: 2017 Sep 21, 18:02
by pschroeter
Did I see it correctly in the discussion somewhere that the next version will support thumbnails with more file details? I like to use x2 to organize my photos. I can use other programs when I need to edit them.

I was all set to install the latest beta till I saw it was Ultimate only.

Re: beta 340.11

Posted: 2017 Sep 22, 05:28
by nikos
you can install the ultimate in "trial" mode to test it. Then when the final version is released you get your professional version