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Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 12, 16:48
by nikos
that's big allright!
but is it beautiful?
where is the room for file details? you just lose half the screen for an expanded tree. And what if you are more than 3 levels down?
but I suppose for a marketing gimmick it isn't a bad idea :)

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 13, 08:50
by Xavier
Thank you for the link, I will look at it in detail and come back !

happy if you find it big enough ! :D

since the time that xplorer² is essential to me, I will not allow myself to propose such an "option" based only on aesthetics :)
I didn't use MacOS Finder myself but a long-time friend just told me that when it comes to file manipulation and using a file explorer for work, it was really his favorite solution.

so it's really a judgment based on the effectiveness of this view.
about the columns, there can be as many as necessary depending on the size of the tree structure.
A video will probably speak better:

so absolutely no fanboyism, no purely aesthetic judgment, but on the contrary, a opinion that deserves reflection because coming from a guy of almost 50 years old who spent many years on each system : MacOS, Linux and is now on Windows ( and could never go back to MacOS :roll: ).

btw I completely agree with the lack of the file details in this view but sometimes you don't need them as you are working or manipulating files.


Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 16, 12:53
by Xavier
pj wrote:
2018 Nov 12, 16:47
Did you look at the add-on our long-lost Kilmatead created to easily change folder colors? It's in the Especially Useful Topics, at this location:
Setting Colored Folder Icons in x2 (Revisited)
Really nice post and plugin, that's it for coloring the folder icon, more than enough, thank you ;)
As you said in the comments, it's just aesthetic and not as powerful as the color coding of nikos.
Complementary if needed.

btw, with his prose, I understand the forum misses Kilmatead !


Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 16, 18:23
by pschroeter
I've got another suggestion for a small addition. I would like the name of any filter being applied, built in or saved, to show somewhere; Status Bar, Info bar, Address bar, even consider the tooltip for the funnel icon. Sometime I shut down the program with a filter applied and come back and would like to remember what I was doing. I know I can look in the dialog box, but it just sounds like a nice touch that wouldn't be too hard to implement.

If you don't want to build it into the Status Bar or Address bar, at least create a new column that can be added to the Info bar.

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 18, 15:28
by pj
I'd like to suggest:

Separate threads or whatever it takes so when one tab/pane is busy, waiting for a drive to respond, busy with a copy operation, etc., that the other tabs/panes are not locked up as well. Many times I get the "Not responding" message from Windows when I've clicked on a tab/pane that is either a slow network drive or a local drive that's gone to sleep, and clicking anywhere else does nothing until the first tab/pane has completed it's task.

Maybe like CHROME browser, each tab/pane will have its own process.

You asked for BIG suggestions, is this big enough?

PJ in (sunny, with a chance of snowbirds) FL

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 19, 04:38
by nikos
that's big allright!
in the meantime, while you're waiting for xplorer2 to respond you might as well open another xplorer2 instance from its desktop icon simulating "multi threading" yourself :)

all these blocking long reads can be aborted pressing ESC key

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 19, 12:35
by jcmn
My suggestions:

1)If I want to change the name of a file to a name already present in the folder the options should contain the overwriting of the file already in the folder.

2) The possibility to drag and drop shortcuts in the toolbar.

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2018 Nov 19, 12:55
by jcmn
Another suggestion:

Boolean operators like AND OR NOT available in the Filter Box.

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2020 Jan 14, 01:09
by jimspoon
I'd like to see Vertical Tabs. Very useful in web browsers and text editors where multiple pages/files are open.

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2020 Jan 14, 08:25
by nikos
what if you rotate your monitor by 90o instead :)

Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2020 Jan 14, 21:28
by jimspoon

I thinking something more like the Synced Tabs view in Firefox, except it would have pathnames instead of web page titles. It would be a new kind of pane or dropdown. Each tab can have a lot more space than at the top or bottom.

Could be sortable or filterable.


Re: xplorer2 suggestion box

Posted: 2020 Jan 15, 07:24
by nikos
I once wrote a macro that found tabs by name, but I can't find it. I'll post it here later. I may add a "find tab" command for the next version

here it is: just enter any part of the path that identifies the tab. Use CUSTOMIZE > MACROS > EDIT MACRO to paste it, and use SAVE button to give the macro a name, so it's available from CUSTOMIZE menu

Code: Select all

input "tab path (part)"
store $1
findclass WTL_DNTabCtrl
select $1