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Re: website test

Post by nikos » 2018 Dec 17, 15:48

the arrows (should) appear when you put the mouse near the picture left/right edges. Clicking anywhere else closes the "modal" viewer, that's what it should do

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Re: website test

Post by otlaolap » 2018 Dec 18, 02:32

Well, what do you know. The arrows do appear if the mouse goes to just the right spot. But how on earth is a user to know where the spot is and that there is anything there? Especially as you show a big X in the upper right corner (which to me implies what controls should look like on the rest of the screen)?

In passing, the other places I have seen this kind of mechanism used (such as Google play previews of apps) put the left-and-right arrow controls outside the picture, on the edge of the screen.

Anyway, the mechanism does work (if that is what you are asking), but is invisible and strongly unintuitive to me.

Unlike the other great things in X2 itself (thanks again for color tags and for all the exposure of 3XXXX items).

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