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"Export Settings" gone?

Posted: 2019 Oct 28, 04:07
by AndyFielding
Hey guys,

I've always used the Action > Export Settings command to create a .reg file with my settings. But I just tried it with x2 v4.2.0.1 (prior to updating to v4.3.0.0), and it's not there:


("Folder Settings > Save" just saves the active tab's settings somewhere.)

Is my install broken? Or is there a different way to do this now? (x2's manual still refers to Export Settings—and so does the forum, as recently as a few months ago.)

I do run x2 as an Administrator, BTW, in case that matters. Thanks!

Re: "Export Settings" gone?

Posted: 2019 Oct 28, 04:32
by nikos
use TOOLS > OPTIONS menu and turn off the plain menu mode. Alternatively you can find this command through the command finder (see HELP menu)

Re: "Export Settings" gone?

Posted: 2019 Nov 02, 09:39
by AndyFielding
Thanks Nikos!