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installer options

Posted: 2019 Nov 19, 16:22
by nikos
in case you're wondering what all the little checkboxes are about

Re: installer options

Posted: 2019 Nov 20, 05:29
by pj
Multi-monitor manifest:

x2 v. on Win 7 HP, 64 bit.

So I had an issue with the positions of dialog boxes, like the User Commands ORGANIZE dialog.

Using the menus Customize/User Commands/Organize, the User Commands ORGANIZE dialog box pops up at 883,242, roughly the middle of the location of x2's main windows.

If I do the same thing via a macro assigned to a toolbar button using the COMMAND keycode, the dialog box is outside the range of both monitors! I had to use a Nirsoft tool, GUIPropView, to find it's x-y location is 4170,242. Using alt-space/Move function I could move it back onto a visible monitor.

After writing the above and saving the draft, I saw was released with a note to use the Multiple Monitors manifest to fix some problems.

Installed and the dialog box comes up in the same location using the menus, but the toolbar macro now opens the dialog box at the far rightmost position on the rightmost monitor and still be visible.

Definitely an improvement over being totally off-screen, but puzzling that the dialog opens in a different location depending on HOW I open it.

It's no longer a "bug" since I can now see it when it opens, but very curious.

Anyway, thanks for fixing this problem!


Re: installer options

Posted: 2019 Nov 20, 06:18
by nikos
can you give me a specific example of what kind of macro opens the dialog not centered on xplorer2? Please state the complete code you use for it

Re: installer options

Posted: 2019 Nov 20, 16:44
by pj

PJ in (K.I.S.S.) FL

Re: installer options

Posted: 2019 Nov 20, 18:15
by nikos
edit the macro adding this line first: