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Error at W10 shut down

Posted: 2019 Dec 07, 12:19
by kdaube
Dear all,

I have switched to Win 10 only recntly (October/November 2019) and am disappointed by some behaviours of this OS, for example this one.
After working with Xplorer² I often do not close the program before closing/shutting down W10. I had this very same behaviour also in Win 7, but did not get messages like this one:
Closing 2 apps and restarting
To go back and save your work, click Cancel and finish what you need to.

Writing folder settings… (ESC to abort)
This app is preventing you from restarting.

xplorer² - FM-15-tests @ E:\ # [Equation @ E:\]

xplorer2_x64.exe - Application Error
The instruction at 0x0000000061E8B00C referenced memory at
0x0000000061E8B00C . The memory could not be written.
Click on OK to terminate the program
I do not get messages like this in all cases of a left open xplorer², but in most.

→ Is there a Win 10 setting to close still open programs gracefully?

Re: Error at W10 shut down

Posted: 2019 Dec 07, 14:16
by nikos
if you close xplorer2 with ALT+X (before shutdown), does it also crash on you? Use HELP > CRASH INFORMATION menu command. Also make sure you are running the latest version 4301

Re: Error at W10 shut down

Posted: 2019 Dec 07, 16:10
by kdaube
Nikos, of course there will no such message if I close xplorer orderly. But n Windows 7 I never got such messages.
Since I have the same problem with another application (EditPad Pro), I will try the following:
  • I close Windows via an AHK script to have such actions logged.
  • In this AHK script I can look for still open applications and close them
  • Only after that I will issue the Windows close command.
This solved my problem!

Re: Error at W10 shut down

Posted: 2020 Jan 27, 07:04
by lancer21
Okay, good to know, I'm using the trial version of xplorer² pro and didn't know how to handle that as I'm new to Win10 as well!