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how to compare filenames?

Posted: 2003 Dec 12, 13:58
by pila
Of all the synching features, I am not able to make a simple comparison of which filenames exist in one and do not exist in another folder?

I can not compare them neither by content nor by date, so I am missing "by filenames" radio button in Ctrl+F9.

Or, am I missing something? SYNC SCROLLING is no help since I need to compare over 100 files.

Posted: 2003 Dec 12, 14:17
by nikos
this has been discussed before, please use the search button

Posted: 2003 Dec 24, 11:07
by pila
unfortunatelly, searching for "compare filenames" gave no results (in 2x forum and here obviously can not)

Posted: 2003 Dec 25, 20:00
by nikos

Posted: 2003 Dec 26, 05:10
by narayan
Nikos, although the duplicate checker has the facility now, I also like the idea of having "filenames" radio button in CTRL+F9.

The other thread discusses a technique that can work, but still it is a round-about way; and probably not suitable for newbies.

When ranked on "straitforwardness",

1. "By filenames" radio button in CTRL+F9 (will give a one-shot comparison)
2. Duplicate checker (you have to ddrop the folders in a scrap pane first)
3. The "store selection+reuse it elsewhere" method.