Three missing features in xplorer²

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Three missing features in xplorer²

Post by rail4you » 2020 Jul 29, 11:36

xplorer² is nearly perfect, it has rich features like Total Commander or Directory opus, but much easier to use.

I like some small features in other file manager and hope new version of xplorer² will add them slowly.

1. File Associations:
For example: .txt -> notepad, .jpg -> acdsee, .pdf -> foxit pdf reader
Other file managers have this feature, xyplorer can even do such thing:
C:\doc\**\*.txt -> vim, it can use wildcard and glob to make custom file associations

xplorer² didn't have such feature, only F3 and F4 can set the viewer or editor.

2. Better single click mode
xplorer² can use single click to open folders or files, but single click a file is error-prone,even use the setting "eat the first click", single click mode is not very useful for the normal workflow.

Total Commander has a special single click mode. This mode only allow single click folder to open it, double click the file open the file. This is the right way to use single click, it saves a lot of mouse click to open folders.

3. More tab features
Tab feature is a weak point of xplorer², other file managers have a more powerful tab management system.
For example:
lock tab can set a root folder and change the directory int the tab, double click the tab to reset path to root folder. In xplorer², lock tab can't change the directory within it.
opened tab position can be right of the parent tab or the end of the tabs. xplorer² open tab only at the end of all tabs.
Directory opus has a linked tabs feature, and you can use a tree style tabbar.(very useful to open many tabs)

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Re: Three missing features in xplorer²

Post by nikos » 2020 Jul 30, 17:48

thanks for your feedback

as you've seen, xplorer2 combines power with ease of use, and to achieve this level, it means that it cannot do small nuances to suit everybody's desires, otherwise it would be as complex as DO :)

if you need portable associations, define user commands based on %X2DIR% environmental variable as explained here

if you want to lock tabs on a different folder, create a new locked tab, and so on

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