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Organize Menus need Duplicate

Posted: 2020 Aug 21, 03:03
by pj
I've ranted, raged, pleaded and cried in the past over some real serious (IMHO) shortcomings in the UI.

Bet you enjoyed the break while I was otherwise occupied... :D

Now I'm HAPPY! :party: :beer: :biggrin:

The User Command ORGANIZE dialog has a DUPLICATE button!!!!!! I can create a new command from within the dialog!!!!


However ...

Why didn't you put Duplicate into all the ORGANIZE dialog boxes?

OK, OK, maybe not ALL the ORGANIZE dialogs, but, how about Folder Groups and Macros? Both of those can be edited from within ORGANIZE, so being able to tweak a duplicate of an existing entry from within the Organize dialog to create something better seems the logical progression.

PJ in FL

Re: Organize Menus need Duplicate

Posted: 2020 Aug 21, 06:38
by nikos
ok i'll add duplicate command to all items that can be edited in ORGANIZE dialog (but folder groups aren't editable)