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Shortcuts to non-physical locations fail

Posted: 2003 Dec 13, 10:27
by TychoQuad
This is probably a well documented bug, but i's been irritating me alot lately, and I thought i'd just come in here and make sure.

Shortcuts to areas on your computer without a "X:\" at the beginning always fail with 3 "Debug Assertion Failed" error boxes. These locations include My Computer, Recycle Bin, Network Places, Network Settings and the like. Probably the most annoying example of this is when you click or right click on a lan connection icon. You get 3 of those error boxes, and get thrown to your last successful location.

This problem is furthur compounded by the fact that I don't use explorer.exe, and don't use the windows desktop/start menu to open xplorer2 windows, which I assume, work just fine. To access my computer, recycle bin and stuff easily, I need to use a standard windows shortcut, which unfortunately, always fails this way.

Posted: 2003 Dec 13, 14:19
by JRz
In stead of using a shortcut you could use the items in the menu Go to|Special folders> to get to the special folders you mentioned. :)
There are more frequently used folders in there (e.g. My Documents).

There are a few which also have a schortcut key attached to them (Ctrl+K takes you to 'My Documents' for instance)

Posted: 2003 Dec 14, 01:13
by TychoQuad
That's still a long way around. I need a quicker way to get to these folders, prefrebly through the shell, and the only way to do that, (as far as i can tell) is via shortcuts.

Re: Shortcuts to non-physical locations fail

Posted: 2003 Dec 14, 13:40
by fgagnon
TychoQuad - I have no problems with my shortcuts to any of the 'special folders'. All my shortcuts (links) are in folder a have bookmarked to access with Ctrl+1 (only one bookbark still, thru x2 ver51). I access the lot of them with Ctrl+1 & go to any linked folder with a d-click (I use the double-click option because I make many false clicks due to carpal tunnel/neuropathy hand condition). This works on both XP & 2000, including mapped drives on LAN (& also WAN & NAS on 2000) and gives me no assertion errors. :?
{edited addition: upon a re-read of my post, after JRz posted, below, I see mine looks like a brag, but I forgot to say what I was thinking at the top "I'm using v.51 & suspect your problem may be related to an older version, because ..." :oops: & thanks JRz, for asking the obvious question.}

Posted: 2003 Dec 14, 18:26
by JRz
TychoQuad, which version of X2 are you using. If it's not the latest (.51) you could try to upgrade to this version. If it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt either :wink: