Drag-and-drop from foreign applications

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Drag-and-drop from foreign applications

Post by raz0 » 2004 Jan 01, 19:33

xplorer2 does not seem to handle dragging and dropping large quantities of files from other applications. Especially when extracting files via drag-and-dro p from Winrar, xplorer2 has problems. It either simply refuses to extract anything (ie: no errors or anything - nothing just happens), or xplorer2 returns an assertion error.

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Post by narayan » 2004 Jan 02, 08:53

I have a slightly different observation: when you drag-drop the selection, the pointer takes a long time to change. If you release the pointer, x2 takes no action in some cases. In others, after a delay, it carries out the file transfer.

But then I am trying out three different zip programs: UltimateZip, Winzip and IZarc (all shell-integrated). It could be because of that..

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