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Post by Ir_1234 » 2004 Jan 15, 01:39

Hello, I have been looking for an alternative to the Windows Explorer in all the search engines, and finally I came to yours. As a result I am very pleased with it.

There were some annoyances with the download process, as other websites kept opening which I had to shut down.

Also, it says on the first page of the website that 2xExplorer is an ftp program, and it is only if you read it that it also says that it is an alternative to Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is not an ftp program, it is a file manager. I was only looking for a file manager and I downloaded it because I could extract that from the wording. It is possible that other potential customers for the file manager will read that the program is an ftp program and will go elsewhere.

I also had to guess which of the prgrams listed at right to download. I assumed the first one would install because I have WinZip. It is possible that other potential customers who do not have WinZip will click this same link. Even though there is a download link for them underneath.

When using the program, at first if seems as though the View date/name order etc does not work, but you have to have none of the folders open. I got it to work without really knowing what I was doing. I also have the experience to have tried dragging the middle window across to the right to make it wider.

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