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Feature Request: Custom Hidden Files & Folders

Posted: 2005 Mar 24, 20:09
by igi
There's an option in Windows Explorer, duplicated in Xplorer^2, to hide/show hidden files.
Could this feature could be expanded to show/hide specified files & folders, rather than those marked by the hidden attribute?I want to see DLL files, and system files, but, there are several files and folders I dont want to see. So, I'd like to be able to enter a list (perhaps into a .txt file) of absolute paths to folder and files which xplorer^2 should not show.
Any chance this could be done?

Posted: 2005 Mar 25, 06:34
by nikos
i don't find this extremely useful
you can use the "Hidden" attribute for these folders or files
you can have a separate "layout" (which is basically just a different registry key)  where "show hidden files" option is on whenever you want to see all files, and keep your main browser without hidden files. So most of the time you see no hidden files at all and whenever you want to see DLLs etc you just open/clone the "all access" layout

Posted: 2005 Mar 27, 19:44
by mimeryme
nikos, what do you think about adding a hotkey combo to toggle the hide/show hidden files option?

It's easy enough to differentiate hidden files from the rest in details view with the attributes field available.  However, it is not so easy to see in other views.  Explorer has a different take on it by fading the icon to indicate the hidden attribute.

Actually, perhaps that can that faded icon be implemented instead for hidden files shown?

Posted: 2005 Mar 28, 09:27
by nikos
what is the purpose, acting as a sort of scarecrow or something? :)

Posted: 2005 Mar 29, 03:32
by mimeryme
LOL, you're right!

Posted: 2005 Sep 13, 16:51
by Thracx
Sorry for reviving an older thread, but I wanted to voice my opinion for the ability to toggle the 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' option.

I will discuss this option following my post here