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Post by Gandolf » 2006 Oct 21, 15:52

@ Alec_Burgess
Glad you got it working in the end. I'd totally forgotten about the header difference in until you said which version you were using. It emphasizes narayans point about there being too many variables.

@ narayan
A separate section in the forum might be the best idea, that way users could discuss problems / ideas regarding the scripts, without mixing them up with the main x² topics. It could later be extended to plugins (if Nikos implements them).

@ nikos
Layouts don't necessarily do the same thing.

Toggling vertical / horizontal alignment with the AHK script maintains such settings as filter, sort order etc... Using different layouts, which I like now that a layout does not open a new instance of x², can result in different sort order etc... if it is changed in one layout and not the other. A filter is also "lost" because it is a different layout. I can see advantages and disadvantages in both methods.

I did notice one thing, if I select the same layout, using "Window | layout name", as the layout that is already open, it opens a new instance of x². Bug or intentional??

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Post by Alec_Burgess » 2006 Oct 21, 19:17

so you have your normal layout and then save "other" layouts with quickview on the right or whatever. Then, if you want to switch, you just launch the new layout (the latest alpha has an option to close the original window)

no programming required!
That was the way I'd tried to do the toggle Horiz-Vert orientation when I first "discovered" there was no "official" command button to do it.

I ran into problems (mostly of my own making I suspect) . I was in the midst of setting up several additional toolbars so that I would have available ALL possible commands in toolbars in the order that they appear in the menus from left to right. Motivation was to be able to see on the toolbar everything at a glance (or a least a visual scan across several rows).

My intent was after getting familiar with everything available, to strip the special toolbars back to hopefully just one (or possibly two) that contain the operations I use on a regular basis.

Continues in next post ....
Regards .. Alec

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Re: yes please! script catalgoue, approved!!

Post by wingood » 2016 Apr 20, 18:39

narayan wrote:
use of the MenuHacks.exe would be documented in the PDF. I guess this didn't happen?
This is why I don't include scripts in UM: There are too many variables and preferences. besides, in implementation also there's the AutoHotkey vs. AutoIT choice/dilemma.

As a compromise, we should start a new section at the forum for cleaned up and authenticated scripts; so that users who do not know scripting also can trustingly use these scripts.

There are two possible methods:
1. In the separate section at forum, start a new topic for each script.
2. In the main download page, put zipped scripts for various purposes. Each zip file should also contain a readme file that has a step-by-step explanation about how to use the script.
EXCELLENT point(s), not first time I've seen raised... willing to help, if it means it gets the job done.

Just realised I've bookmarked and copied loads of epic titbits.. and don't even know which are AHK or 'A.IT' , and I'm fluent in neither!

I'll have a how to (not as nice as those by nikos of course!) if I actually get any of 'wants' down n dusted

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Re: Horizontal pane view selection via button

Post by Kilmatead » 2016 Apr 20, 19:20

You do realise the last post previous to yours in this thread was 10 years ago... just sayin'... :wink:

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