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saving a configuration

Post by mikes1616 » 2007 Mar 15, 14:38


I am having trouble saving the states of my panes - most likely it is because I am new to the tool.

Pane1: A directory

Pane2: 2 tabs, each a different directory

I want to save this as a layout.  The problem is that when I save it, Pane2 is correct but Pane1 appears to be a random directory.

Thanks for any help.

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Same problem pane 1 folder not saved

Post by NeverOutofTune » 2007 Aug 15, 03:23

I, too, have the same problem.  I have a dual pane layout with a different folder in each.  When I restore this layout, pane 2 has the correct folder but pane 1 gets a random folder, I believe a sub-folder of the one I saved.

If I use a windows shortcut  to ""C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe"  /1 /2 c:\ c:\visio" then I get the results I want but when I save/restore this layout, I don't.  :cry:

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Post by fgagnon » 2007 Aug 15, 15:10

(oops, these posts/questions were missed because they were posted in the 2X Explorer forum ... I moved the topic into the xplorer² Pro forum. -fg-)

Take a look at this post, and see if it helps.

Please post back with further questions.


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