I love xplorer2!

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I love xplorer2!

Post by railshot » 2010 Sep 08, 18:41

I just made a major bubu and erased a 1 terabyte HD. Gods be praised, there was no data there that was not backed up. But recovery still entailed me spending a weekend intimately working with xplorer2. And I have to say, that professional license is the best $30 I spent on software.
The highest praise I can give to xplorer2 is that it's functionally exceeds XTree.
The manual is 300 pages plus, so I am not even scratching the 10% of it's abilities, so I would like to direct users towards some of my favorite features. Read up on them. It will make your life easier:
1. Robust, multithreaded file copy. Copying gigabytes of data from a USB drive is a pain, but xplorer2 makes it possible to keep doing stuff while it's happening.
2. Sticky selection - reminds me of "Tag" feature in XTree - an awesome time saver.
3. Scrap container - Sticky selection to the power of 2. Select files from multiple folders.
4. Flat view - See all the files in all the subfolders. It's invaluable to those having to deal with complex directory structures.

Nikos, I just outlined the same ideas on a russian forum where I am a memeber, and I hope that IT types there will become converts and you get some more sales.

Thank you very much for an awesome program!

P.S. Part of me is apprehensive that it's just you who does this and one day you decide it's not worth it and quit. But then, if Microsoft decided to buy your company, they would just ruin it.

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