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blog: web reputation checker

Posted: 2012 Nov 25, 08:22
by nikos
here's the comment area for today's blog article found at ... hecker.htm

Posted: 2012 Nov 25, 11:18
by ckit
Careful, Nikos!

Avast already has a browser add-on called "WebRep" you might want to consider changing the name to something else.

Posted: 2012 Nov 25, 18:14
by nikos
really, I didn't know that! Anyway I am not selling anything here so ...

Posted: 2012 Nov 26, 10:11
by IneedHelp
You're safe just because Avast isn't owned by Apple.

Posted: 2012 Nov 26, 10:50
by nikos
the other webrep is a completely different kind of tool anyway. Catchy name or what? :)