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zabkat website

Posted: 2015 May 01, 10:49
by RightPaddock
For my own nefarious purposes I just visited the zabkat site, my first impression was "how terribly tired this old thing looks"

Then for no particular reason I went here ==>> demo: copy filename and attach to hotmail

That is hardly good demo of what X2 can do. I'm not sure what that mail client is - maybe its Outlook Express or an old version of Live Mail

On Windows 7 I would right click the image(s) and select Send to->Mail Recipient. Or I might open a new email (or a reply) and drag 'n drop the files into the email. The one thing I most definitely would not be doing is cutting and and pasting file names into text boxes.

If I was looking for a new file manager, then after watching that particular demo I probably wouldn't watch any more, and I'd cross X2 of my list.