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pa sweetie
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Post by pa sweetie » 2003 Jun 01, 01:11

Hi all
I am pressed for time right now and can't respond to this topic the way I want, or put my 2 cents in. But I plan on it. And anyone here that knows me knows I will give you more than 2 cents. I am glad everyone is able to give their opinions in here and not cause hard feelings. It is a good way to vent. And of course, it is a part of freedom.
And for the record, last time I hugged a tree, I was climbing it to get to the rope to swing out over the river. I mean if you are going to hug a tree, have some fun.... :lol:

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Post by Linda » 2003 Jun 04, 00:27

Luckily in this country, if you don't like the decisions that were made to go to war or stay home and hug trees, you can partipate in changing who is in office.
Personally, I'd much rather stay home and hug a tree.
But, I thank God for the people that make the hard decisions, I thank God for the soldiers that protect us and their families that give up so much, I thank God for the trees to hug and I thank God that I live in a country where I'm free to make decisions and have opinions and not have to worry about a dictator sending someone to cut out my tongue.
I don't know of anyone in this country who truly wants a war, we all would prefer peace. We would all prefer that terrosists didn't fly planes into building to kill innocent people. And that dictators didn't us nerve gas on their own people.
And wouldn't be nice if we could just sit back and not have to worry about things like this.
Yes we may still be a little hot under the collar about 9/11. But it was an awaking to the fact that all is not well in the world. And there are people who hate us just because we are Americans. Like Sal said, we like to believe that everyone else is like ourselves and it's hard to comprehend terrorist dictators murdering and torturing thousands of their own people.
I certainly don't have the answers.
Thank God there are people that at least think they do.

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luv sunset

Post by sunset » 2005 Dec 19, 00:01

u think all them people with kids in the war lost there lives saving us thats something to think about over christmas we should be thanking them we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them so everyone on netez say a big thank you to the people in the war

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