Voici la Légion! L'affaire est dans le sac... (Well, Almost)

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Voici la Légion! L'affaire est dans le sac... (Well, Almost)

Post by Kilmatead » 2009 Jun 30, 20:56

Whilst the jury is out as to whether this forum (or x2 in general) attracts any avid (or rabid?) gamers, certainly many of the population have more than a passing interest in programming logic, and perhaps by extension, AI.

To wit, two videos (courtesy of YouTube) from the recently released ArmA II war simulation game.

The first can do naught but elicit a certain respectful "wow" response, in terms of what's happening, how it happens, and how the AI is working overtime to balance the vicissitudes of the spectacle of affray.

The second, however, is where one smiles at shooting one's self in the foot over the one element that probably should have been coded better the night before.

We are never so clever as we believed we were when at the planning stage of any project. :D


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Post by nikos » 2009 Jul 01, 07:23

despite the driving care i think some chickens were hurt in the making of that video :)

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