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file manager from

Post by profess » 2010 Jul 04, 23:34

Hi everyone,

Just seen an updated version of Nexusfile - a file manager from  Have a little look at it.  

It's quite basic, but what I like about it is its 'out the box' usability.  Just the colours alone makes you want to play with the application (a preference of course).  It allows you to extract rar files using winrar, if installed.  

They've also got a couple other applications on their site, including a font viewer (which is why I go there) and image viewer.  

Don't get me wrong Nexusfile is nowhere near as powerful or featureful as xplorer2.  What I am getting at though is that it does a few things without having to set anything up, files are 'colour coded', it extracts with winrar and others using a few menus, etc...  I know these are all preferences and xplorer2 can do everything it does...

Regards to all and hope all is well,

Live life...

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Post by Kilmatead » 2010 Jul 05, 21:59

Yeah, the RAR support is done rather seamless and well, as opposed to Nikos' halfhearted lacklust.

And if x2 were to implement skinning like that, Nikos would make a lot of diurnal-hating vampires very happy - it's almost like 1985 and the beloved monochrome monitors all over again.

We probably shouldn't hold our breaths though. :sad:

And was it just me, or does the tree not work?

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Post by Tuxman » 2010 Aug 06, 02:50

Hmm, don't be unfair.  :D The file manager there is not so bad if you disable the black design. Of course it can't beat x².
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