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Windows Folder Shortcuts On x64 OS

Posted: 2021 Jan 11, 20:40
by dave9
I saw a very old topic (2011) on this forum from doing a search for "shortcuts", with the same issue as mine and it was not solved in that topic.

viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8688&p=53468&hilit ... uts#p53468

...but so many new versions of xplorer2 since then so I started a new topic

I installed the (currently) newest version of xplorer2 lite,, on a Win7SP1, x64 system.

It seemed to not do something important, opening folder shortcuts. They were still loading with windows Explorer instead. I did not need full windows explorer replacement, just open shortcuts with xplorer2 lite. I made the following registry changes in regedit:



However I then noticed that if I clicked some folder shortcuts, it opens xplorer2 with the default GUI layout, not the one I'd configured and it had saved. Turns out that the installer (or my poor configuration efforts) had resulted in the following registry launch strings:

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\zabkat\\xplorer2_lite\\xplorer2_lite.exe\" /S:x2solo /1 /M /E /T \"%1\""

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\zabkat\\xplorer2_lite\\xplorer2_lite.exe\" /S:x2solo /1 /M /E /T \"%1\""

For whatever reason it had the above "/S:x2solo" switch added in, but removing that from the above two reg keys (so it is as follows) allows it to load with the configuration changes made:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\zabkat\xplorer2_lite\xplorer2_lite.exe" /1 /M /E /T "%1"

Now it can open not just the folders, but shortcuts too, whether in a folder, on the taskbar, or the start menu, etc. Am I overlooking something, is there any negative result of making the above changes?

Re: Windows Folder Shortcuts On x64 OS

Posted: 2021 Jan 12, 06:14
by nikos
the /s:x2solo switch is the result of ticking "use a separate single pane window..." installer option. It is more confusing than helpful, so removing it is not a problem

Re: Windows Folder Shortcuts On x64 OS

Posted: 2021 Jan 12, 16:31
by dave9
Thanks. That switch also loaded all the default columns, icons, etc.