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Access My Bluetooth Places

Posted: 2007 Jun 05, 19:50
by ab4rl1
Is there a way to get xplorer2 to access and display My Bluetooth Places?

I always have to go back to Vista's explorer to open My Bluetooth Places.

Posted: 2007 Jun 06, 05:15
by nikos
some of these "folders" are designed only with windows explorer in mind. You'll find that all 3rd party explorer replacements will have trouble accessing them

Posted: 2007 Jun 06, 09:13
by ab4rl1
Thanks for the info!

Posted: 2009 Jun 25, 11:44
by limberly
What is a good Bluetooth Remote for itunes on a laptop?
I just bought a bluetooth enabled laptop but I don't have a remote to switch songs in itunes, I like to listen to music and I dont like opening the lid or messing with the laptop while I am busy with homework or reading. So what is a good small bluetooth remote? Anyone have any ideas?
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