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DMCA email lists

Post by Euclid » 2015 May 30, 21:56

In case you are not aware of the following two pages: ... erlist.txt

Unfortunately I do not think any of the lists are still actively maintained.

Maybe we could start a new github project where we maintain a list that cracktracker can use? Possible including regular expressions as well.

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Re: DMCA email lists

Post by nikos » 2015 May 31, 09:01

crack tracker knows about ~500 hosting sites, and now I've added a few more from the lists you provided
probably it is waste of time because most of these small fish are out of business. The FBI made a good show scaring the biggest players, and the download business isn't what it used to be
if it wasn't for searching cracks for my xplorer2 I would have probably stopped working on crack tracker by now :shrug:

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