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questions about deskrule

Posted: 2017 May 26, 14:35
by jcmn
I'm an old user of xplorer2 and decided to try also the new deskrule-search engine.

My first impressions are that DR is not very user friendly although it is a very powerful search engine.

I've been walking around deskrule trying to figure out how to take certain actions, and for example my first obstacles are:

1 - Didn`t find out how to choose more then one path to search on, in the addressbar box. it seems that it only accepts one path at a time.
2- If i try to search files with this logic - *.sps OR *.sav - in the name box it doesn't yield any results (it's extensions of SPSS files). I only get what I want using the advanced search.
3 - The help texts are really very messy and don't help much.
4 - If I want to take actions on files in the search results list, for example to copy them to another folder, I can't do that, or if I can don't know how.

Finally having to pay almost 38 Euros for a piece of software that needs many improvements in perhaps small issues but that can make the difference, is too much.

We will see the future.

Re: questions about deskrule

Posted: 2017 May 26, 16:28
by nikos
the first thing to note is that deskrule is not xplorer2. It does things a bit differently. I hope in a more straightforward fashion -- but you may need some adjusting in your habits!

to choose more than one paths, use the PIPE (|) character to separate them. Not commas like in xplorer2. Another option is to drag-drop a folder into the search box while holding down the CONTROL key (it adds the folder), or even drag-drop a bunch of folders together there. But the easiest solution for a single folder is to right click on it and use "search with deskrule" command from the context menu

the simple search rules on the toolbar are not very Boolean friendly, still you can use regular expressions, e.g.

Code: Select all

to work with the search results, you select and right click on them, or drag-drop them where you need

instead of relying on the manual, you can first watch the demo videos under the HELP (question mark) toolbar button

finally regarding the price, it is about 10 euros cheaper than programs in its niche, so in that sense it is a "bargain". For the price conscious there's also the lite version, which costs $20

Re: questions about deskrule

Posted: 2017 May 26, 16:45
by jcmn
Thank you very much for the explanations, where very helpfull.