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More customizing?

Posted: 2017 Aug 18, 15:39
by leslierichelle
Great utility. I use Corel Graphic Suite with the option to "Make backup on save" and end up with "backup_of_****.cdr" files all over my drive. A quick search by DeskRule sweeps them all up. I used to be able to do that with Windows back in the day, but Microwimp has made it a lot less convenient.

However, some of the customization features of xplorer2 would be nice, e.g., the option of creating custom toolbars with text under the icons, or unchecking "Small icons," that sort of thing. Any chance?

Re: More customizing?

Posted: 2017 Aug 18, 17:35
by nikos
cheers, please spread the word!

deskrule is aimed at a different audience than xplorer2. Things are kept simple and auto-configuring as much as possible
for example, deskrule adjusts automatically the toolbar icon sizes depending on your screen resolution, but won't show toolbar labels (you can check the tooltip over the buttons for the name)

apart from the SETTINGS button there are a few advanced tweaks possible through registry editing, please press F1 key to see the help or click here